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Mechanical Engineering consists of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). HVAC is a very complex engineering discipline that requires not only theoretical knowledge but practical ‘know how’ in a very demanding and unforgiving environment. Due to the well-known fact that different people feel temperature and humidity factors subjectively, four licensed Professional Engineers of Davidovich & Associates, in conjunction with our experienced designers, are constantly looking into new and innovative ways to enhance the conditions of human habitat in the most economical and technically sound manner. Open ceilings, creative offices, mezzanine levels, life cycles analysis, energy modeling, tall atriums, raised floors, LEED, sustainability concerns, specialty laboratories, sophisticated medical hospital, and research facilities require a new breed of engineering professionals who will thrive on technical challenges and complicated, yet rewarding projects. This is the Davidovich & Associates breed! That is why when Los Angeles’ famous 75-year-old historical landmark, Union Station, decided to install its first HVAC system, they decided to come to Davidovich & Associates for mechanical design!

If there is anything in a given Davidovich & Associates project that requires electrical power, our engineers will find it. They will find where a device or piece of electrical equipment is, where it is connected to, what voltage and amperage it requires, and how to control it. Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, Lighting Fixtures, Low Voltage, Communications, Security, Internet, Elevators, Emergency Generators, Emergency Power, Internal Power Distribution Systems, Single Line Diagrams, Transformers, Panels, and any electrical equipment – all of this is concentrated on hard disks and left in the capable hands of our Electrical Engineering Department. Electrical Engineers need to have a broad experience in order to cover the most complicated issues. In Davidovich & Associates’ eyes, Energy Conservation and Green Design Approach to technical solutions is not only dedicated for the purpose of getting an additional point or two for LEED certification but becomes a matter of pride and satisfaction of joining the global movement for a better life. We are saving the planet, one circuit breaker at a time! This is why Related Companies trusted Davidovich & Associates with a very complicated electrical design of The Santa Monica Village project. Furthermore, The Air Space Corporation used our consulting services to provide a New Emergency Generator system for their entire campus in El Segundo, California

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Plumbing Engineering is often the least appreciated trade among the ten trades that Davidovich & Associate provides. Nevertheless, plumbing is arguably the most important out of all trades. Especially nowadays, when water conservation is even more important than energy conservation. It is an enormously complicated task to provide proper plumbing utilities to a wide variety of projects including water distribution, drainage facilities, sewer facilities, gas distribution, plumbing risers diagrams, restrooms, boilers, pumps, grease interceptors, kitchen facilities, Health Department considerations, etc. Plumbing requires a clear understanding of the purpose, functionality, and maintenance of a myriad of different devices that are necessary to service the technical, industrial, medical, research, and human needs in a large variety of applications.

Lighting design is not restricted to architectural or interior design. The ever-changing, advanced technology has made a giant leap towards new and more efficient lighting sources. LED (Low Emission Diode) lamps provide longevity, efficiency and the ability to change the color of a lighting source (the so-called Kelvin temperature of a lamp). It has turned into a real revolution within the lighting design and construction industry. Davidovich & Associates’ lighting design department, consisting of professional electrical engineers and lighting designers, is at a new frontier of the lighting industry. We are rapidly developing and utilizing the latest and greatest ideas of illuminating buildings in the most contemporary technological manner. The real difference between D&A’s approach to lighting designs, in comparison to traditional lighting designers, is that: A) our design will always comply with Title 24 requirements. B) The estimated price and quantity of each fixture is shown in the final fixture schedule- thus each client has full knowledge of the approximate cost of lighting prior to value engineering. C) The lighting design starts at the same time as all other technical disciplines so the architect and engineers do not have to wait until the last minute to change the design. D) The design is closely coordinated with Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Alarm, and Fire Sprinkler systems to provide the most efficient design. This coordination is the sole responsibility of D&A.

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By integrating Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Life Safety, Lighting and Dry Utilities Design at one firm, D&A engineers take a holistic approach to any LEED-inspired project. The team of engineers presents every client with several options for sustainable systems and efficient designs, including payback information, availability of rebates, and life cycle analysis. This allows each client to make an educated decision regarding the cost vs. benefit of sustainability. D&A’s goal is to customize every project so that it caters to all particular needs of each client. This harmonized approach to design ensures that D&A LEED blueprints are the most cost-efficient and technically sound within the industry.

Notice the colors of our logo? These are the seven colors of the rainbow, the very essence of nature created a sustainable system. By calling ourselves “Engineers by Nature” we are implementing the principals of nature in all of our work, including the design practices for all ten engineering disciplines we offer. This is why when James Cameron decided to create the next Avatar movie sequels at Manhattan Beach Studios, Davidovich & Associates was asked to design a 1,000 KW solar firm and connect it to the existing 16 KV transmission and distribution system, which was an original design by our firm. While others are talking about fighting global warming, D&A is at the forefront of this very important movement. We are proud to see the results of our efforts! As the lead designers for UCLA solar firms throughout the entire 60,000-people campus, we provide energy audit reports for the largest facilities in the state of California. The majority of our projects are going through serious efficiency scrutiny, which is appreciated by our clients and LEED consultants.

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Life safety is a leading concern in the construction of new facilities and the renovation or remodeling of older structures. Our mechanical engineers utilize their extensive expertise when integrating fire sprinkler systems into a facility’s mechanical and plumbing infrastructure. This ensures the quick and successful suppression of fire in the event of an emergency. Engineering safe structures are our first concern when developing and compiling all of our designs.

Working closely with our electrical engineers, the fire alarm department designs systems that meet the requirements of all government agencies. Our fire alarm designs ensure that all occupants of a facility become aware of any emergency situation and have enough time to evacuate the building in a calm and safe manner.

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The proper design and coordination of dry utilities will streamline the design and construction process to minimize conflicts in the field; this consequently reduces construction costs. Dry utilities comprise of Power Service, Telephone Service, Cable TV Service, and Gas Service. D&A’s services include negotiations and discussions with utility companies in order to obtain the most cost-effective and expeditious utility services for each facility. In addition, communication and coordination with all consultants (architects, landscape architects, lighting designers, civil engineers, etc.) are always performed. In order to ensure there are no gaps in the utility services, the location of the utility company transformer, pull-boxes, conduits, utility meters, and terminating points within the building, along with routing all utility conduits and piping, are properly coordinated. D&A ensures that all the needs of our clients are exceeded — leaving no holes in the design while aiding in a flawless construction process.




D&A’s diversified portfolio has a wide array of various projects reinforcing that our departments have an abundance of experience working within any construction project environment. By building relationships with contractors, architects, building owners, developers, and real estate managers, our engineers are flexible, knowledgeable and able to work on any size project. Davidovich & Associates substantial expertise enables us to complete the project quickly, economically and successfully.

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Davidovich & Associates, a multi-discipline integrated engineering firm, is fully certified to provide commissioning services for all type of occupancies. The expectations and requirements of the building appropriate to its phase shall be documented before the design phase of the project begins. This documentation, known as the owner’s project requirement (OPR), shall include environmental and sustainability goals, energy efficiency goals, indoor environmental quality requirements, project program, including facility functions and hours of operation, and need for after-hours operation, equipment and systems expectations, building occupant and operation and maintenance (O&M) personnel expectations, as well as Basic of Design and Commissioning plan.

Our projects typically require the inclusion of the all Low Voltage systems that have become necessary for all typical buildings’ type to operate. The scope of our services will encompass TV & Internet Signal Distribution, i.e., designing infrastructure within the structure to support third-party communications providers like ATT, Charter/Spectrum, Frontier, DirecTV, Dish Network, etc., representing Telephone, Cable TV, and Satellite services. Another system is the Local Area Network Distribution – infrastructure design to support wired and wireless (Wi-Fi) computer networks. Security Cameras (CCTV) – visual monitoring and recording of activities within defined spaces, is also part of our design responsibility.


We will also provide Access Control – electronic permission to enter and/or access defined spaces within a property, Intrusion Alarm – electronic intrusion notification systems and Notification Systems – electronic notification systems for monitored conditions within the property e.g. nurse call, carbon monoxide, radon, and methane. All other systems may be included as part of a special request.


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