& ASSOCIATES With us you're
never in the dark
& ASSOCIATES With us you're
never in the dark

About Us

Davidovich & Associates (D&A) is a multi-disciplined, Revit inspired, LEED practicing, integrated engineering firm that provides a complete scope of Engineering Services. With our wide knowledge base and experienced engineers, we are perfectly capable of contracting separately for each discipline or taking on a full encompassing project. We encompass a diverse portfolio as far as size and project type. We have a long standing mission to provide our clients with the most technically sound and economically feasible solutions in all phases of the design and construction process, by assuring professionalism, responsiveness, efficiency and integrity.

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Every client has unique needs. Regardless of what yours may be, D&A is here to help you fulfill your goals. Our consultants are open and responsive from the beginning to the end of every project. We are here to satisfy our Clients with the most technically sound, cost-efficient, and environmentally conscious engineering service available.

D&A provides:
  • Same day responses to all emails.
  • All of your calls returned within 24 hours.
  • A maximum of 48-hour RFI response.
However, whenever, wherever - Davidovich & Associates is available, no questions asked.
We value the importance of developing personal relationships with our Clients and understand the imports of clear and open lines of communication. We appreciate the importance of your questions and your time.


Since our establishment in 1989, our dedicated and experienced engineers have identified the most technically sound and cost-efficient solutions on a wide variety of projects. Every industry, from entertainment to health care, requires an innovative approach to design. Our clients receive the most cutting-edge, technological solutions, with the budget at the forefront of our design process. For comprehensive studies, quick responses and no-nonsense performance, Davidovich & Associates practice Integrated Engineering - combining Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Life Safety, Energy and Lighting Consulting Engineering services under one roof. In other words, we’ve got it all, and are able to provide the solution.


By integrating Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Life Safety, Lighting Design, Dry Utilities and LEED consulting engineering services under one roof, we are able to provide our clients with the highest quality engineering services while keeping costs in both the design and construction phases at a minimum.

We have no drafting personnel which allows all of our engineers to be completely responsible for their drawings. Our engineers will make a requested change on CADD or REVIT and send it to the client without requiring the assistance of a drafter, further reducing costs.

By applying our vast experience, we are able to identify the optimal engineering solutions on every project in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Tangible Integration

If we can make your life easier, we will. That's why every project includes a typical composite reflective ceiling plan, closely coordinated with the architect and structural engineer. For our client's convenience, all lighting fixtures, HVAC diffusers, fire alarm devices, and fire sprinkler heads will appear on the same drawings. This composite reflected ceiling plan is a proven method of minimizing confusion, mistakes, and conflicts between different trades during construction.

Educated Choices

No two projects are the same. In our field, innovation and eclectic thinking provide for the best and most cutting-edge results. This is what we have to offer. For every project, we supply several alternate solutions for the electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems. We do the research and present your options in a palpable manner, so you can choose what's best for you.

Change Order Minimization

Communication is the key to averting Change Orders. For every project, we schedule a full day coordination meeting to establish mutual understanding and productive working relationships between all of the members of the design and construction teams. Once all pertinent questions are on the table, a short memorandum is issued stating that no potential change orders have been noticed. This proven method has saved our Clients hundreds if not thousands of dollars by sidestepping unnecessary change orders.

With all trades under one roof, communication is guaranteed throughout the course of the design and construction phases. This Reduces conflicts and disagreements by providing organization and open communication throughout the process. "Sit back, relax, we've got you covered."