Vladimir Davidovich was a guest speaker at the Bisnow 

“Future of the 818” Development Panel

Vladimir Davidovich joined Kent Handleman, Lance Taylor, Howard Stern, Michael Cusumano and Patrick Prescott in an exciting discussion related to the growth of Burbank, Pasadena and Glendale. Davidovich & Associates is currently involved in three major projects in the Burbank area with Cusumano Real Estate Group, Arrow Retail, Crown Realty, and Disneyland. We’ve also provided multidiscipline engineering services for the renovation of the Masonic Temple for Caruso Affiliated. Vladimir was talking about the necessity and economical feasibility of bringing qualified engineering teams to the entitlement process for new projects from the very beginning, in order to avoid any financial losses and expedite the approvals.

From left to right: Naomi Galvan, Director of Business Development, Susanna Yasa, Marketing Liaison, Vuk Cvetkovic, Project Electrical Engineer, and Glory Wee, Office Manager. Davidovich had a presentation booth where all the participants of the event could learn about D&A’s activities, our multidiscipline trades, and talk to the members of the design team. Visitors were also awarded with a special lighting pen with our motto:

With us you’re never in the dark!

Since the conversation was partially dedicated to the influence of technology and millennials (the chicken and the egg story) on current design and construction practices, Vladimir started his presentation with a joke. A son is asking his father if the father’s generation had Internet when they were growing up. The father obviously said no. How about cell phones? No, says the father.  Plasma TVs, asked the son? No, said the father again. The son took a deep breath and asked whisperingly: Dad, have you seen dinosaurs?

Susannah and Naomi enjoyed the event tremendously.  Naomi says, “The Future of the 818 event brought together the best and brightest figures from the local commercial real estate markets and broader economy. We discussed and assessed the state of the 818 and surrounding neighborhoods, key trends, potential issues when expanding into emerging markets, and more.” Susannah added, “We met so many interesting people and exchange information with many potential clients. It was a great event!”

Naomi Galvan, Director of Business Development, is ready to be challenged by any project. “My job is to make sure that our professional engineering team will provide you with a seamless design for any task and for any project. When it’s not going your way, just call me and I will take care of any issue. Hoping to hear from you soon!” says Naomi.

Photography by Vladimir Davidovich

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