A Brief History Of Modern Mechanical Engineering

In its earliest forms and most straightforward machines, mechanical engineering can be dated back to the 5th millennium BC in Mesopotamia (modern Iraq) with the invention of the wheel and axle. Since then, mechanical engineering has sprouted into a field that contains within its confines the production and design...

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The Solar Panel Mystery Flaw, Explained

What Is The Mystery Flaw Found In Solar Panels? As the world pivots more towards renewable energy, the demand for solar panels and solar power steadily increases. Though humans have only been utilizing solar panel technology as a society for about 40 years, the technology has steadily become more...

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7 Ways Nikola Tesla Built The World You Live In

Nikola Tesla dedicated his life to mechanical and electrical engineering, so much so that he is called "the man who invented the 20th century." Without Tesla's work, the world we live in today would look much different.

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Our 2020 Projects in Review!

This year has been nothing but memorable, and our projects have been too! We’re thankful for each and every one of you who has been with us throughout this time. Just like some of our favorite music providers, we thought we’d take a second to step back and review...

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Congrats to NAC Architects!

Davidovich & Associates’ engineers are very excited to be a part of NAC Architecture’s design team of the Wonderful College Prep Academy in Delano, CA. Just last night, NAC Architecture was given recognition during

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A Beautiful New Landmark in Malibu!

After thirteen long years of planning, voting, debating, and finally, construction, Davidovich & Associates were excited to bring the first ever Whole Foods of Malibu inside the Park at Cross Creek. In November of 2014, votes against suburban sprawl and construction of large commercial chain

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How Engineering Can Help Prevent Coronavirus

With Covid-19 cases rising, and so little known about the virus, it can be difficult to feel safe going anywhere right now. But as engineers, there’s always something we can do! Scientists have established how contagious Covid-19 can be,

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Davidovich and Associates’s Open House Party

Davidovich and Associates’s Open House Party We are finally here! Thank you all for participating in our Open House Party! The food was amazing (provided by Wolfgang Pack’s Chinois on Main), the spirits were flowing and everybody was festive and happy! For those of you who couldn’t make it, the door...

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