Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, S. Mark Taper Imaging Building, Los Angeles, CA
Client: RBB Architects

  • The facility totals 121,250 s/f of new and remodeled areas. The state-of-the-art Nuclear Medicine facility houses the most advanced imaging equipment, cat-scanners, MRI’s of varying sizes and manufacturers, linear accelerators, etc.

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA
Client: Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

  • New 200,000-gallon central fuel emergency system.
  • New 1,750 KW diesel generator.
  • Emergency power Priority System.
  • New 1800 KW emergency power load bank.
  • Verification and renovation of HVAC system for eleven floors of the North and South Patient Towers.
  • FEMA mitigation evaluation.
  • Stone Center, CAT scanners and Radiology.
  • Central Plant Evaluation

Mills Peninsula Health Services- Hospital Replacement Program, San Mateo, California
Client: Arc Electric Company

Design assist as a member of the Arc Electric team for the full-service seven-story 423,298 s/f Mills Peninsula

  • Base isolated replacement structure includes 243 licensed beds with an additional 70 future beds.
  • Attached 4 story 144,943 s/f Medical Office Building (not base isolated).

Kaiser Permanente, West Los Angeles, CA
Client: RTK Architects

  • Remodel of a 60,000 s/f, four-story medical office building

Kaiser Permanente, Woodland Hills, CA
Client: HMC Architects

  • Replacement of the Stereotactic equipment in the MOB and the relocation of an existing 22″x32″x31″ H UPS unit.
  • Radiology remodel of the Reception / Waiting are on the first floor which will combine three adjacent spaces into one combined waiting reception area.
  • Nuclear Medicine/Convert Dark Room Into Injection. Remodel of the First Floor to convert dark room into an interview/reception area and the adjacent work room will be converted into an Injection Room.

Kaiser Permanente, Panorama City, CA
Client: HMC Architects

  • Replacement of existing chest unit with a Gen. Rad Ele. Tbl in the N-3 Building Basement
  • Replacement of the existing CT Scan Equipment
  • Conversion of two existing R/F Rooms into One

Kaiser Permanente, Panorama City, CA
Client: Kaiser Permanente

  • Peer Review of new Sprint Antenna project

Moorpark Project, Moorpark, CA
Client: HMC Architects:

  • One-story 15,000 s/f Human Services Center Shell & Core and common spaces of the Interiors including lobby, reception, conference room and rest room facilities
  • One-story 10,000 s/f Clinicas including Shell & Core and Interiors
  • Site 80,000 s/f of parking, landscape and hardscape

Tower Oncology, Beverly Hills, CA
Client: Sobin . Harte Architects

Design to renovate & convert existing retail space (first floor and mezzanine) into the new 10,000 s/f Tower Oncology. The expansion of the first floor and the mezzanine and will include:

  • First Floor: Linear Accelerators, CT Scan, Exam & Waiting Room, Reception, Offices and New Elevator
  • Second Floor: Offices, Infusion, Exam Rooms, Kitchenette and Staff Lounge

Century City Hospital, Century City, Los Angeles, CA
Client: WWCOT

  • SB1953 compliance upgrade

Century City Hospital, Century City, Los Angeles, CA
Client: Realtech

  • SB1953 compliance evaluation

Century City Hospital & Medical Office Building, Century City, Los Angeles, CA
Client: Realtech

  • Fire Alarm & Fire Sprinklers
  • Tenant Interiors in both the Hospital & Medical Office Building

Hythiam Center for Excellence, Santa Monica, CA

Outpatient Treatment Center for addiction therapy. The 4,139 s/f centers contains four (4) treatment rooms, staff areas, lounge/pantry with sink and two (2) single restrooms.

White Memorial Hospital MOB, Los Angeles, CA

Medical office building tenant improvements – 28,000 s/f

Koplin Aesthetic Surgery Center, Beverly Hills, CA

Outpatient surgery Center – 2,550 s/f

Spinal Solutions Surgery Center, Los Angeles, CA

Outpatient ambulatory Center, approximately 8,500 s/f includes 4 surgery suites, pre-op, Director’s Office, Business Office, Waiting Room, Dirty Room, Clean Room, Patient Lounge and Pick-up, (5) toilets, (2) Showers, Post Op, Linen Storage, Lunch Room, MD Lounge and storage.

Hoag Memorial Hospital, Newport Beach, CA
Clients: Taylor & Associates & Hoag Memorial Hospital

  • Preparation of as-built drawings for the electrical system.
  • Emergency Power System renovation.
  • New Central Plant with (2) electrical and (2) gas absorption chillers.
  • Entire Hospital Lighting Retrofit.
  • Master Plan development.

Olive View Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA
Client: County of Los Angeles & Olive View Medical Center

  • Open Purchase Order for miscellaneous remodel projects.
  • Conceptual design of a new substation and connections to the existing Cogeneration system.

Foothill Presbyterian Hospital, Glendora, CA
Client: Morrow Meadows

  • Emergency Department addition

California Hospital Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA
Client: Catholic Healthcare West

  • Multiple Interior Remodels

VA Hospital, West Los Angeles, CA
Client: Fields & Devereaux Architects

  • Fire life safety upgrade.
  • Remodel of the Ambulatory Care Clinic.

Westside Hospital, Los Angeles, CA
Client: Ray Brown & Associates

  • Relocate Outpatient Surgery Facility

Foothill Cardiology
Client: CA heart Medical Group

  • Tenant Interiors

White Memorial Hospital – Medical Office Building, Los Angeles, CA
Client: Morrrow Meadows

  • Tenant Interiors

St. Joseph Hospital Medical Office Building, Burbank, CA
Client: Morrow Meadows

  • Tenant Interiors Dr. Kay – Women’s Center and Imaging Center

UCLA Medical Center, Westwood, CA

  • Neuropsychiatric Institute – Program Room Remodel – design of a new Program Room for the Neuropsychiatric Institute on the A Level of the Medical Center
  • Neuropsychiatric Institute – Nurses Station Remodel – design of a new Nurses Station for the Neuropsychiatric Institute on the A Level of the Medical Center
  • Dumont UCLA Transplant Center Suite 77-132 CHS Remodel – new medical offices for the Transplant Center (Intestinal Transplant Program) on the 7th Floor of the Medical Center.

Beverly Hills Medical Center, Beverly Hills, CA

  • Conceptual design for the 50,000 s/f renovation
  • Beverly Hills Women’s Hospital and Beverly Hills Surgical Hospital conceptual design services

Additional Medical Remodel & Renovation Experience:

  • Daniel Freeman Hospital
  • Corona Medical Center
  • Valley Presbyterian Hospital
  • Redgate Memorial Hospital
  • Hale Childress Hospital
  • Glendale Adventist Medical Office Building
  • Wilbur Medical Plaza
  • Century City Medical Plaza