High Tech


The Aerospace Corporation, El Segundo, CA
Term Contract awarded/renewed annually. After initial award, D & A’s contract has been renewed for the 5rd consecutive year. A sampling of the type of projects follows:

  • Stars Laboratory
  • Building A6D Power Corridor
  • Building A6D New Ceiling Light
  • Building D3 – Bay Modifications
  • Building D5 Relocation of PC
  • Building A6 Laser Interlock
  • Building A5 Rooms 257, 243, 122
  • Building 130 Chamber Expansion
  • Four new Emergency Generators
  • Building A6D Eletrical Power Corridor
  • Emergency Lights
  • Near Field Test Facility – Phase 1
  • Building D8 Modifications for SSEDC
  • Building A6D – Laboratory relocation and other laboratory work
  • Building A5 – New 500 KVA UPS
  • Building A6A Laser Laboratory
  • Building D8 – Training and Computer Room
  • Building A8 – New sewer pumps
  • New Area Lighting – Main Gate Entry
  • New 4160 V Switchgear
  • Building A6A Electrical Survey for Power
  • Building C1 EPO System
  • Laser Interlock Devices
  • Complicated Air Conditioning Requirements for the research labs
  • Metering of the entire facility
  • Conversion to 66 KV electrical power service
  • (3) 2000 KW diesel generators with associated paralleling switchgear and fuel system.

McDonnell Douglas, Torrance, CA
Design of new 1,200 amp, 4.16 KV main switchgear, Torrance, CA

Ioptex Research Incorporated, Irwindale, CA
Design of a 72,800 s/f high-tech manufacturing facility including research and development (manufacturer of lenses for cataract treatment).

Amgen Incorporated, Thousand Oaks, CA
Design of the Biotechnology Research / Laboratories – Building No. 2.

California Institute of Technology,/span>, Pasadena, CA

  • Broad Center, Biology/Humanities Laboratory, 12 offices, 3 EKG Testing rooms – 3,800 s/f
  • Watson Building, Yang Laboratory – Wet Lab with 5′ fume hood. Sink (DI, IHW & ICW), 02 & N2 gas cylinders, refrigerator/freezer, optical tables & racks, incubator – 960 s/f
  • New 3,000 s/f research microbiology facility in the Keck Laboratory Building

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA
Design of Medical Laboratories, Imaging Facility, CAT Scan, MRI, etc.

Conextant, Newport Beach, Ca
Remodel of various electronic laboratories.

Med-Pharmex, Pomona, CA
Conversion of existing 50,000 s/f feet warehouse into pharmaceutical manufacturing.