Atascadero City Hall, Atascadero, CA
The project consisted of the design to renovate the existing 65,000 g.s.f., 4-stories Atascadero City Hall, Atascadero, CA. The design will be comprised of the following parts:

  • Part I – Earthquake damage repair / replacement.
  • Part II – Code compliance upgrade work.
  • Part III – Hazard Mitigation work.
  • Part IV – Deferred Maintenance work.
  • Part V – 2nd and 3rd appeal assistance.

The Aerospace Corporation, El Segundo, CA
Term Contract awarded/renewed annually. After initial award, D & A’s contract has been renewed for the 5th consecutive year. A sampling of the type of projects follows:

  • Stars Laboratory
  • Building A6D Power Corridor
  • Building A6D New Ceiling Light
  • Building D3 – Bay Modifications
  • Building D5 Relocation of PC
  • Building A6 Laser Interlock
  • Building A5 Rooms 257, 243, 122
  • Building 130 Chamber Expansion
  • Four new Emergency Generators
  • Building A6D Eletrical Power Corridor
  • Emergency Lights
  • Near Field Test Facility – Phase 1
  • Building D8 Modifications for SSEDC
  • Building A6D – Laboratory relocation and other laboratory work
  • Building A5 – New 500 KVA UPS
  • Building A6A Laser Laboratory
  • Building D8 – Training and Computer Room
  • New Area Lighting – Main Gate Entry
  • New 4160 V Switchgear
  • Building A6A Electrical Survey for Power
  • Laser Interlock Devices
  • Complicated Air Conditioning Requirements for the research labs
  • Conversion to 66 KV electrical power service
  • (3) 2000 KW diesel generators with associated paralleling switchgear and fuel system.

Old Hayward City Hall, Hayward, CA
The project consisted of the design to remodel the shell and core of the existing 12 story Old Hayward City Hall office building (approximately 152,555 s.f., 22320 Foothill Blvd., Hayward, CA. This was a LEED
Certified project.

Moorpark Human Resource Center, Moorpark, CA
The project was of The City of Moorpark and consists of:

  • One-story 15,000 s/f Human Services Center Shell & Core and common spaces of the Interiors including lobby, reception, conference room and toilet facilities
  • One-story 10,000 s/f Clinics including Shell & Core and Interiors
  • Site 80,000 s/f of parking, landscape and hardscape

The project entailed the design of the new Marvin Braude San Fernando Valley Constituent Service Center shell/core and tenant improvement. The Center will be located at 6262 Van Nuys Boulevard, Van Nuys, CA and consist of the following:

  • New Subterranean Parking 80,000 square feet.
  • New Two-Story Office Building 22,000 square feet.
  • New Four-story Office Building (on top of parking) 140,000 square feet.

Mar Vista Subpanel Design, Los Angeles, CA
The project entailed the design related to a new electrical system in the carpenters shop at Mar Vista Gardens, 11965 Allin Street, Culver City, CA 90230. The new electrical system consists of a new subpanel and receptacles.

The Housing Authority of Los Angeles – Pueblo Del Rio Housing Facility, Los Angeles, CA
D&A completed a full engineering evaluation and feasibility study of the Pueblo Del Rio housing facility management office, 1801 E. 53rd Street, Los Angeles, and presented a report to the Housing Authority of Los Angeles.