LA’s Iconic Union Station Celebrates 75 Years

ProjectUnion Station (LACMTA – Metro)  Los Angeles, CA
Size75,000 s.f.
ManagementMorlin Asset Management, LP
Historical ArchitectArchitectural Resource Group, Inc.
Master PlanGruen Associates

Project Description

Davidovich & Associates (D&A) recently performed a feasibility study and prepared a report regarding the modernization of the HVAC system for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LACMTA – Metro) Union Station building in Downtown Los Angeles. The report included the analysis of different HVAC systems to determine the most sustainable, technically sound, and economically justifiable system for the building. D&A is in the process of completing the design/construction documents based on the recommendations outlined in the report.Considering that Union Station is a historic building it has been a creative challenge to provide a design that strategically allows the installation of the new HVAC system components without altering the iconic fabric of the landmark building.

Additionally, EnergyPro version 5.1, a computer-based building energy simulation software, was used to model the building and different HVAC alternatives for the Life Cycle Cost (LCC) analysis. This method of analysis compares the cumulative total of implementation, operation, and maintenance costs over the life of the facility and it is one of the most precise methods to determine the cost effectiveness of different HVAC systems. Designed by father & son architect team John & Donald Parkinson, the Union Station was the last grand railroad station built in the United States. The summer of 2014 marks what is one of LA’s most recognizable buildings 75th anniversary.

Davidovich & Associates is proud to be part of the architectural classic’s historic renovation.

More Images of the Iconic Masterpiece

Aerial view of Union Station and surrounding neighborhood

Union Station was designated Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument #101 in 1972

The Waiting Room- although the ceiling appears to be crafted of timber, it’s actually a steel system furred out to look like wood. Each of the circular chandeliers weighs 3,000 pounds.

View of facade from North Alameda St.

Photography by Vladimir Davidovich

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