1560 Lincoln

This year has been nothing but memorable, and our projects have been too! We’re thankful for each and every one of you who has been with us throughout this time. Just like some of our favorite music providers, we thought we’d take a second to step back and review of some of our projects we were proud to be a part of this year!

Starting in 2016, we had received approval to start on a five-story mixed-use residential building that replaced the Denny’s at 1560 Lincoln Blvd. This 13,800 square foot building is planned to consist of 100 residential units along with commercial space on the bottom story, and ample parking. This year, we’ve continued to expand upon this project by providing additional mechanical engineering services for the team. This project is not only a great use of space to allow for more housing, but also widens pedestrian zones on Lincoln Blvd and Colorado Ave, making it safer for those on foot. We’re so proud to be a part of this new construction and excited for this to become a home for so many!


In 2018 Rony Shram of Brentwood proposed a new development on Palisades drive, which went through some pushback due to the location of the suggested four-story eldercare facility. GMPA Architects have designed this low-rise structure, which would include an outdoor deck on the third floor. Nearby neighbors, however, didn’t love the idea of the location for this eldercare facility, and fought that the City should not have granted approval because of the busy hiking trails nearby, risks of flash floods, earthquakes, and more. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge later denied the appeal of the building, stating that the project was consistent with the site zoning designation, and that the project will not have a significant impact on traffic or noise in the area, which were other concerns raised by nearby residents. Davidovich & Associates is proud to work alongside Rony Shram and GMPA architects on this wonderful new facility, which will allow for 82 rooms and provide assisted living and dementia care.

7617 Santa Monica

Another project that Davidovich & Associates has been proud to work on this year is the four-story mixed-use residential project on Santa Monica Blvd, replacing the old Madison Car Wash. Early this year, the project was officially approved through a unanimous vote by West Hollywood’s Planning Commission, and has allowed for the 63,560 square foot project. This project will have space for 71 residential units, 11 of which would be set aside for lower-income residents, and retail space at the ground floor. This project, design by Christian Robert of Office Untitled, includes a rooftop pool and four courtyards. Many residents and commissioners feel that this project will improve this section of the city greatly, and Davidovich & Associates has been so excited to provide Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Alarm services, and be a part of it along the way.

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