Atascadero City Hall

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Atascadero, CA

The Atascadero City Hall was severely damaged in a 2001 earthquake which left the facility red flagged. As a result, FEMA and the City of Atascadero jointly selected Davidovich & Associates to complete a full engineering evaluation of the facility, as well as a resulting new design of the internal engineering systems.

This FEMA funded project consisted of the design to renovate the existing 65,000 g.s.f., which was comprised of the following parts:

  • Part I – Earthquake damage repair / replacement.
  • Part II – Code compliance upgrade work.
  • Part III – Hazard Mitigation work.
  • Part IV – Deferred Maintenance work.
  • Part V – 2nd and 3rd appeal assistance.
  • Client: Pfeiffer Partners Architect Inc.
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