Lighting Design

Lighting design is not restricted to architectural or interior design. The ever-changing, advanced technology has made a giant leap towards new and more efficient lighting sources. LED (Low Emission Diode) lamps provide longevity, efficiency and the ability to change the color of a lighting source (the so-called Kelvin temperature of a lamp). It has turned into a real revolution within the lighting design and construction industry. Davidovich & Associates’ lighting design department, consisting of professional electrical engineers and lighting designers, is at a new frontier of the lighting industry. We are rapidly developing and utilizing the latest and greatest ideas of illuminating buildings in the most contemporary technological manner. The real difference between D&A’s approach to lighting designs, in comparison to traditional lighting designers, is that: A) our design will always comply with Title 24 requirements. B) The estimated price and quantity of each fixture is shown in the final fixture schedule- thus each client has full knowledge of the approximate cost of lighting prior to value engineering. C) The lighting design starts at the same time as all other technical disciplines so the architect and engineers do not have to wait until the last minute to change the design. D) The design is closely coordinated with Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Alarm, and Fire Sprinkler system