Low Voltage

Our projects typically require the inclusion of the all Low Voltage systems that have become necessary for all typical buildings’ type to operate. The scope of our services will encompass TV & Internet Signal Distribution, i.e., designing infrastructure within the structure to support third-party communications providers like ATT, Charter/Spectrum, Frontier, DirecTV, Dish Network, etc., representing Telephone, Cable TV, and Satellite services. Another system is the Local Area Network Distribution – infrastructure design to support wired and wireless (Wi-Fi) computer networks. Security Cameras (CCTV) – visual monitoring and recording of activities within defined spaces, is also part of our design responsibility.

We will also provide Access Control – electronic permission to enter and/or access defined spaces within a property, Intrusion Alarm – electronic intrusion notification systems and Notification Systems – electronic notification systems for monitored conditions within the property e.g. nurse call, carbon monoxide, radon, and methane. All other systems may be included as part of a special request.