Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering consists of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). HVAC is a very complex engineering discipline that requires not only theoretical knowledge but practical ‘know how’ in a very demanding and unforgiving environment. Due to the well-known fact that different people feel temperature and humidity factors subjectively, four licensed Professional Engineers of Davidovich & Associates, in conjunction with our experienced designers, are constantly looking into new and innovative ways to enhance the conditions of human habitat in the most economical and technically sound manner. Open ceilings, creative offices, mezzanine levels, life cycles analysis, energy modeling, tall atriums, raised floors, LEED, sustainability concerns, specialty laboratories, sophisticated medical hospital, and research facilities require a new breed of engineering professionals who will thrive on technical challenges and complicated, yet rewarding projects. This is the Davidovich & Associates breed! That is why when Los Angeles’ famous 75-year-old historical landmark, Union Station, decided to install its first HVAC system, they decided to come to Davidovich & Associates for mechanical design!