Notice the colors of our logo? These are the seven colors of the rainbow, the very essence of nature created a sustainable system. By calling ourselves “Engineers by Nature” we are implementing the principles of nature in all of our work, including the design practices for all ten engineering disciplines we offer. This is why when James Cameron decided to create the next Avatar movie sequels at Manhattan Beach Studios, Davidovich & Associates was asked to design a 1,000 KW solar firm and connect it to the existing 16 KV transmission and distribution system, which was an original design by our firm. While others are talking about fighting global warming, D&A is at the forefront of this very important movement. We are proud to see the results of our efforts! As the lead designers for UCLA solar firms throughout the entire 60,000-people campus, we provide energy audit reports for the largest facilities in the state of California. The majority of our projects are going through serious efficiency scrutiny, which is appreciated by our clients and LEED consultants.