Owner Realty Bancorp Equity
Size 40,000 s.f.
Location Agoura Hills, CA
Architect PK Architects
Interior Designer Gensler
MEP L/S Davidovich & Associates
Construction Management VVA Sweett
General Contractor RCI Builders, Inc


Cydcor, the leading provider of professional in-person sales teams, has moved its corporate headquarters to Agoura Hills, CA.  The newly finished headquarters is organized into three distinct zones, which delineate collaboration and group spaces from individual work spaces to help support a variety of work styles and work modes: the reception area, the social space and workspaces.


The main social space on the second floor, called “The Heart,” acts as the hub for team members, providing both a creative space to congregate and a full range of kitchen options. The Heart includes access to two outdoor terraces that encourage an indoor/outdoor work style and give a number of alternate places for people to mingle and work throughout the day.


The second floor also houses several large glass fronted conference rooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology including Skype-enabled LED big screen displays, smart boards, and a full range of audio and video capabilities for presentations, trainings and meetings.


An open stair in this area helps create a real connection between the first and second floors to draw staff and visitors up into the main gathering space.


The main workplace area is open, airy and perfect for collaborative teams to work seamlessly and efficiently to get the job done.


Photography by Vladimir Davidovich


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