They are very responsive, and always been there, helped us, and looking out for the owners interest. I have been totally pleased with his responsiveness with all aspect of the job. There’s two or three main points you will definitely want to get threw, which is basically budget and cost, and Vladimir can help you drill those things down to give you a no or go kind of answer.
David Simon
Sr VP, Kearney Real Estate Co of Morgan Stanley
Vladimir and his organization were very clever and very creative in the planning of the lighting system. The finishes, accent lighting and controls were just ingenious. They did a fabulous job and went way beyond their call of duty. I had the opportunity to work with Vladimir on this 200,000 gallon underground fuel storage system. The job when it was totally finished, was just a dream, everything worked fine, and came in under budget. We were very very happy with what they were able to accomplish. One of the real big pluses with working with the Davidovich organization, I cannot remember any time when we needed him, he wasn’t immediately available, and most of the time, himself personally. They give you the results.
David Wilstein
CEO, Realtech Development & Construction, Inc
They have been great to work with and very open, good communication. There are two things about D&A that comes to mind that makes them very unique. The first is their since of urgency, they seem to understand the deadlines and schedules and things we have to deal with and they never miss one. And the other is, at least from a contractor’s point of view, the fact that they listen to us. When we have ideas about a design, or a particular way to bring the project into budget, they listen to us, they respond to us, and we learn from each other. Morrow Meadows Corporation is really looking forward to working with Davidovich and Associates onto the future.
Karen Price
President, Morrow Meadows Corporation
The communication within their firm to us was seamless. Davidovich is very customer service oriented. Manhattan Beach Studios has 5 25,000 sq ft stages and 9 18,000 sq ft stages, has 6 production office buildings of 25,000 sq ft, and has a commissary, it has a 60,000 sq ft office building, and a 13,000 sq ft storage facility. D&A has the Mechanical, Electrical, plumbing and fire sprinkler in house and that was incredible difficult on the project because the coordination that had to take place between the mechanical and electrical requirements for the sound stages. This product is definitely a unique product that takes a lot of expertise.
Fred Wallitsch
Project Director, Snyder Langston, General Contractors Releigh Manhattan Beach Studios
The Playa Vista Project has been described as the most significant urban infill project in the US. At build out it’s expected to include up to 13,000 residential units, and 5 to 6 million sq ft of commercial and office space. Having D&A as our engineering firm helped us achieve our mandate of sustainable design and financial goals. Davidovich and Associates has proven to be very cost sensitive in the design of our project.
Alan Boeker
Residential Land Development Manager
Davidovich is trustworthy, I think they are a good custodian of the owners money. I think the biggest benefit of having all the disciplines under one roof, the air conditioning, the plumbing, the fire alarm design, and the electrical design, is that you do get a coordinated set of documents. From D&A, you generally have one individual at a job meeting that you can speak to, instead of 4 or 5. And we find that the D&A associates are very educated across the board as far as not just their area of expertise, but also in terms of coordinating with the other designers within their office. I think Davidovich is one of the most responsive designers in the industry.
Mark Williams
CFO – Gordon & Williams
They have really done a terrific job helping us meet a very aggressive construction schedule. D&A came on board at the start of the construction phase for the Kings and Lakers training center in El Segundo, which is a very complex building. 165,000 sq ft, includes two ice rinks, a practice gymnasium for the Lakers, executive office for both pro teams, as well as their training facilities. And they’ve done a really great job of helping the contractor which is Peck/Jones address issues that have come up during construction, and being really responsive to requests for information, shop drawings, those types of issues. And it really helped the whole team put together the project under a very aggressive construction schedule and I have been very impressed with the way they handled the whole project.
James House
A.I.A. – House & Robertson Architects
We have been blessed with a phenomenal response from Davidovich, in terms of getting up to speed on existing systems, their knowledge of existing systems, have really been a big benefit to the project overall. We started this project about a year ago, a very large imaging center, 60,000 sq ft of remodeled construction, 60,000 sq ft of new construction. It’s kind of unusual that we would go with one firm doing it all, and of course the advantage is it’s all under one roof, we’ve all been made to look like heroes because of that effort.
Kevin Boots
AIA – Associate Principal, RBB Architects, Inc
I get a lot of requests from our productions, Barbara Streisand and Bette Midler have had concert rehearsals on our lot and they’ve rigged extremely heavy lights and sound equipment to our structural framing. Davidovich is extremely customer oriented, more so then 90% of the other trades that I deal with, and that makes it unique. Davidovich is the ultimate one-stop-shop for facilities needs as respect to design.
David Curry
Facilities Manager, Releigh Manhattan Beach Studios